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Friday Night Drop In Session - Policy Changes

Friday Night Drop In Session - Policy Changes

Friday Night Drop In Session

We have reviewed our policy regarding our Friday Night Drop In Hockey Session.

We need your HELP to spread the word  - From Friday 26th August 2016, You are no longer required to be registered with NSW Ice Hockey Association  to participate in this session, but must be 18years and over.

This session is strictly non-contact and for self-guided training run by Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink. Players are asked to bring a dark or light jersey to distinguish a team.

Please note this session is NOT appropriate for Development Level players.

Our existing Rink Rules located around the Ice Rink will be enforced.
The following ADDITIONAL Rink Rules will apply to this Session:

  • A condition of entry is that all skaters skate at their own risk
  • This session is non contact
  • Before and after the session, players must assist rink staff in setting up and packing up of barrier nets and placing goal nets on and off the ice
  • No pucks allowed on the ice until cleared by the Shift Supervisor
  • Use Home and Away change rooms provided at all times
  • All players must have, and wear full gear at all times during the session
  • Players must comply with the Shift Supervisor who will call players off the ice strictly at 12.00pm midnight at the completion of the session
  • Puck handling must stop immediately once session is called off
  • All players must vacate the rink premises by no later than 12.30am
  • There will be no consumption of alcohol whilst on rink premises
  • Please give consideration to the local neighbours and exit the rink quietly (no loitering)

All players must comply with the above additional Rink Rules at all times. Failure to comply may result in you being asked to leave the rink (without a refund).


Day Arrival Time Start Time Finish Time
Friday 10:15pm 10:45pm 12:00am (midnight)


Hockey Casual

$14.00 per skater