Ammellia Fu

Ammellia Fu

Coffee Club, Learn to Skate, Figure Skating Private Lessons

Ammellia is a Certified Level 1 figure skating coach with the Australian Sports Commission. 


Currently, Ammellia is certified at the Novice Level in Single Skating and Senior Level for Ice Dance. She is a homegrown figure skater at Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink and has been involved with the sport from a young age. With years of competition experience at State and National level, Ammellia has achieved success as Sydney Figure Skating Club Champion and as NSW State Champion at various levels in single skating.


When it comes to teaching, Ammellia places great focus on the foundations of her student's skating to reinforce strong edge quality and understanding of technique for jumps, spins and difficult footwork. With experience in the Singles and Ice Dance disciplines, she strongly encourages her skaters to learn both to develop well-rounded skating skills and assist in the performance aspect of the sport.


Ammellia hopes to share her knowledge with people of any age who are interested in learning figure skating, may it be at the competitive level or for recreation. 

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