It’s never too early to begin private lessons. Private lessons are available to complement Skate School Lessons from our Skate School Coaches, as well as from other accredited and experienced coaches. With one on one instruction, your skating coach can focus on the individual skater, providing expert guidance and helping the skater move through the levels at a faster pace.

Skaters seeking private lessons are advised to attend a Skate School Lesson to observe the coaches as they conduct their lessons and see which coaching style and personality suits their needs. Skaters may approach coaches after the session has finished to request availability and pricing for private lessons. Please note each coach has his or her own lesson fee and lesson schedule, this fee is in addition to the rink entry fee at cashiers desk.


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Choosing A Private Coach

Finding the right teacher is a crucial part of learning to skate. Many factors are involved, including individual personalities, learning styles, experience and technical know-how. Many skaters start out with group classes and then move on to private lessons from there. The direction you take depends on what your goals are and what you want to get of your skating.

List your goals or at least have one in your mind indicating what you are looking for in a coach. Ask, What do I want this coach to do for me technically? Emotionally? – Go into the rink and see the coach/s in action. – How does the coach respond to problems and obstacles – Would that be a good way for you> - Do you think you would respond well to the way the coach is handling a situation?

Another thing to think about is whether the technique being taught is compatible with what you hope to achieve. Do you like the way a particular coach’s skaters look on the ice – Is their posture good – Do they have power and flow in their stroking – Do the skaters truly BEND in the knees an ankles – Is the free leg extended, toes pointed – Is there good contact with the ice – Do jumps have height and distance – Are spins centred with good body alignment?

Since most of the coaches have skaters of varying level and ability, you’ll have to watch a number of students to make a fair evaluation.

Changing Coach

For various reason, there may come a time when it’s necessary to find a new teacher. Maybe a skater is no longer making progress or the relationship is no longer effective. Perhaps the skater needs to move to a higher level coach to continue up the ladder. For what ever reason the change need to be made, make an effort to notify the coach privately, in a discreet and courteous manner, and settle outstanding bills before starting out with a new coach.

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